Flat Roof Solutions with our EPDM roofing system

Flat Roof Solutions

Problems with your flat roof, we’ve got that covered for you, with our range of “Classic Bond” flat roofing materials we can offer you the best in flat roofing to repair, replace or recover your existing flat roof. We also get rid of mold and other stuff with the best gutter cleaning service from Gettysburg Gutter Guards.

Why ClassicBond?

What makes ClassicBond EPDM the right choice for you:

  • Choice of 1.2mm thick or premium 1.5mm thick membrane
  • Maintenance free waterproof membrane
  • Does not crack or split or rot
  • UV stable
  • Does not support moss or algae growth
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe to install – the system is laid with cold applied adhesives
  • One piece sheet equals no joints… no leaks

When you need a sustainable, long-lasting rooftop, look no further than the single-ply membrane with a half-century track record of performance and durability – ClassicBond… the original EPDM.

We stock all roll sizes and normally the advanced EPDM membrane can be cut to the size required for your roof.

More than 10 billion square feet of membrane have been sold. No other manufacturer has a comparable track record.

Suitable for a whole host of residential and commercial roofing applications, including green roofs, ClassicBond is the roofing membrane of choice for many.

Why should I use ClassicBond EPDM to protect my home?

With such a range of flat roofing products on the market it can be hard to decide what to choose for the best. Read on to find out the real advantages of using EPDM roofing membranes on your home..

EPDM Flat Roofs Built To Last

  • Unmatched weatherability
  • Flexibility
  • First manufacturer to exceed 10 billion square feet of EPDM membrane production.
  • Economical
  • Pressure-sensitive accessories available for virtually any penetration or detail.
  • No maintenance roofing system
  • Suitable for a wide variety of domestic EPDM roofing applications

Simple Roofing System Installation

  • No torches or hot asphalt are required, a flame, heat free safer installation for your property.
  • Less weight on your roof than mod-bit 2-ply systems
  • Larger rolls mean fewer seams
  • Faster installation means less disruption to you, the home owner
  • Year round application
  • Whether its small or large flat roof a refurbishment or a new build Classic Bond is the right choice for you

Superior Roof Performance

After 50 years of actual use in field applications, EPDM has the roofing industry’s longest average service life, including the best outdoor blinds and awnings, thanks to:

  • Greater resistance to ponding water, hail, UV damage and cyclical membrane fatigue
  • High resistance to ozone, weathering and abrasion
  • Flexibility in low temperatures
  • Superior resistance to extreme heat and fire
  • Restoration friendly
  • Easy to install new roof penetrations at a later date e.g. air conditioning
  • Recyclable

So call Valley Windows Today on 01656 648922 for a l;ong tern solution to your flat roof.

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